Best Exercises To Lose Fat

When you want to lose fat, a slow and steady process is the way to go. Looking at an American research article that was published in the ‘Obesity’ journal, “women and men who did 300 hours of cardio for a year lost 5 pounds on average,” said Craig Ballantyn , the owner of “That means, 60 hours of cardio was spent to lose one pound.”


When performing intense workouts in short time frames, calories were burnt faster. “Unlike cardio sessions that were long and slow, intense workouts keeps the fat melting even after a workout session,” Martin Rooney, Director of the Parisi Speed School and author of “Ultimate Warrior Workouts,” said.


When it comes to fat loss, the best exercises to eliminate from your workout routine are the 12-ounce curl and the fork to mouth.  “You cannot out-train a bad diet, David Jack, director of Teamworks Fitness, in Action, Massachusetts said. “If you are training and eating garbage injecting 400 calories into your body, it is senseless burning those calories.”


Drop the tortilla chips and try the following training strategies that will burn fat really fast.


Short Sprints done in intervals

If you do not sprint, your body is missing out on the natural extreme interval training workout that can bring loads of changes to your entire body. Sprinters not only have great looking glutes, they have well-shaped shoulders and arms. A more natural and total body workout is achieved by sprinting.


To help you start off, start by sprinting on a hill, this will not impact your joints if you are not used to short bursts of sprinting. It will help you avoid any injuries. The ground hits your legs early, forcing you to open your hips more. You can’t go fast, you are less likely to have a muscle pull while doing high-intensity workout.

If you live in a hilly place, begin your sprints by speeding from a jog, this is one of the best exercises to lose fat.

High-intensity strength intervals

High-intensity fat burning exercises involve more than biking or performing the usual cardio exercises. When you pair strength exercises that work opposing muscles, you will build muscle leading to fat loss by keeping your heart rate high.

For instance, run, then pair it up with a dumb bell reverse lunges and then a pull-up. When doing lunges, your back and arms rest, as your legs rest during pull ups.


Try out this challenge: select two exercises that have opposing movements that work different muscles. Pair a pulling exercise with a pushing exercise. Try upper body movements with lower body movements. A good example is an inverted row and a dumbbell bench press.


Countdown workouts

In countdown workouts, exercises are done in pairs and they motivate one to finish the workout plan. You are engaged throughout as you keep count in each round of exercises. The workout involves fewer repetitions of each workout, for instance, moving from a set of six to five and four until you reach a count of zero.


It is recommended to pick workouts that are opposing and those that have rhythm. Kettlebell swing, pushups and thrusts are good examples. When you finish one countdown, add one more rep in each exercise and start another countdown.  A suggested list of workouts can include:

  • Medicine ball side toss together with medicine ball slam
  • Kettlebell swing combined with squat thrust
  • Squat thrusts combined with pushup
  • Pushups with jumping jacks


Hurricane workouts


Cardio exercises can be long and boring, to have a more fun and effective training, Rooney designed “the hurricane”, a workout program that keeps one lean by lifting weights and doing interval training.


Hurricane workouts are intense workouts done in short periods of time. Each hurricane is done in rounds which comprise of heart-pumping exercises and other exercises in between, making it one of the best exercises to lose fat.



The workout leads to muscle building and keeping your heart rate up for the next 16 to 30 minutes. There are five levels in this workout plan that have increased challenges.  Check more details about the workout in Rooney’s website.

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