Google Services

You heard about Googel right?
oops sorry, the name is Google. The biggest company in the internet world!
They have anything else to offer other than “googling” on their search engine?
Of course they have,and I will list a few of their very popular and useful services.

Google services
Googles Sites: It is, a platform where you can build your own websites, similar to wordpress
and wix

Google docs: It is also a free web based app where documents etc can be created, edited and saved.
You can access these doc files from anywhere as long as you have a computer or mobile.
So it is kind of an integrated word program.

Google Gmail: Their free email service launched 2004. It can be used with imap and pop. The email service
is ads driven. 15 gigabytes of email storage is what they offer now. With 1 billion users worldwide
you bet they are a good and popular email provider! why not sign up?

Google news: Is what it says, but not only news about Googel itself, but news from around the world.
They also have a new news app and is called Briefing. In Briefing, you will be able to read five
stories Google News has hand picked based on a mix of your interests and location.

If you want to find out more about other Google services, type in “google services” in their search
and you will find alot more! Good luck!

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