Emojis have become an essential part of our day to day conversations. Most people would think that emojis are for kids, but that is not true. The extensive use of emojis that I have seen in a couple of years has shown me that everyone around us uses emojis to express themselves in a conversation that takes places over the internet or SMS.

You might have noticed that in the past we had to create emojis by putting particular characters from the regular keywords, but now the tech has made some advancement when it comes to emojis. You will find different emoji keyboards on the web that you can download and add to your smartphones keyword collections whereas some smartphones like iPhone allow you to create your own emojis so that you can have your own cool emoji list.
Since many of us have mastered the art of using emojis in our conversations, we find it hard to convey a message without the use of an emoji. There are quite a lot of benefits that emojis provide us during an interview over the smartphone so let us look at some of those benefits that we didn’t even know about.
1. Set the tone of the message
The use of emojis helps you set the sound of the message. A happy emoji at the end of the word will set a pleasant tone because the reader will see the emoji first and then read the word so it will help make his mind before he actually understands the letter.
2. Convey message properly
Setting the proper tone for the message helps you convey your message correctly. It is hard to figure out the mood of the other persona over text, so you never know in what tone the person is sending you the message. Proper use of emoji by the sender will help you understand the word and the emotion behind it.
3. Adds human touch
Emojis are a visual representation of your emotion. Your brain interprets it as a form of nonverbal communication so processes it as an emotion. An emoji is like the human representation of your feeling thus it adds a warm touch to your message and makes it look more real.
4. Helps connect
In the customer care service emojis have benefited the employees connect with the customers on a better level and convey their messages accurately without any negative feedbacks.

Emoji (from the Japanese e, “picture,” and moji, “character”) Not to be confused with their predecessor, emoji are pictographs of faces, objects, and symbols. When you see a smiley face that contains a character detectable on your computer keyboard, you have an emoticon.

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