William Shakespeare – Must Know!

The English literature is filled with some amazing poets and drama writers. There have been some famous people that has left the world with some beautiful and heart touching poetry and along with some major plays that portray the major issues of the world. Shakespeare is one of those remarkable people that have left us with some delightful literature that is the wonderful portrait of the rich history of our generation.

Who is William Shakespeare?
William Shakespeare is one of the most renowned writers in the history of the English literature. He was born in 1564 in England and lived there for most of his life. According to the history he lived in London for 25 years and that is where he wrote most of his plays and poetry.
Shakespeare is famous around the globe because of his amazing contribution to the English Language. Not only was he a write but he also made addition of some new words to the English Language and enriched the English language for us.
Shakespeare started writing plays at a very young age. He wrote three different kinds of plays; historic, comedy and tragedies. The historic plays were about the past kings and famous figures whereas the comedies that he wrote mostly ended in marriages.
On the other hand his tragedies are quite famous. The tragic plays that he wrote were the main reason behind his success. The tragic plays that he wrote mostly included deaths of various characters and the treacherous plots.
Not only was he a play writer but also a very famous poet of the history. He combined all of his poems and gave them a form of book which he published in 1609 that included 154 sonnets. His sonnets are soulful and romantic.
Facts about William Shakespeare
There are certain facts that one should know about the famous William Shakespeare. These facts are quite common so if you have to talk about him or he pops up in a conversation then you can sue these facts to show the knowledge that you possess about him and impress the other person.
1. He was born in 1564 and died 1616
2. For 20 years, he wrote two plays annually
3. He had three kids
4. He wrote a total of 37 plays
5. Hamlet is his longest plays that contains 4,042 lines
6. He contributed more than 1700 words in the English Language.
7. He write the play Romeo and Juliet, which became world famouseven today!

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