Don’t Do These Things on Vacation!

When you take a vacation, it can actually be difficult to truly take the vacation. Many people find it surprisingly challenging to detach from their work lives and everything that they’re temporarily leaving behind as they embark on their trips for God-knows-where.

When you leave physically, you need to make sure that you also leave mentally so that you get everything out of your vacation that you need. In order to fulfill this promise to yourself, do not do the following things on your vacation.


Answering E-mails


Answering e-mails while on vacation is a sure-fire way to fail at vacationing. It is one of the main ways that many people ensure they remain tethered to the world that they were supposed to leave behind when they initially embarked on their vacations in the first place. The retreat from the concerns of daily life are at least as important as one’s responsibilities because the retreat refreshes the mind and makes you better able to perform when you return. Many people who aren’t on vacation don’t really see your vacation as being as sacred as it is, so they will still e-mail you while you’re gone. You need to ignore these people entirely by not even checking to see what it is they have to say.


Sticking Around


When it’s time for you to take your vacation, clock out immediately and high-tail it out of there as shamelessly as you possibly can. On a serious note, do not invest more time in your work than you should when vacation time rolls around; do not allow work to eat into your vacation time and thereby diminish its efficacy. It’s important that you leave on time and come back on time. It’s the professional way to take a vacation; truly take it. A global survey revealed that more than half of people don’t take their full vacation time, which is a staggering statistic. Many people see that it’s time to take a vacation, and they continue working “just a little bit longer” before leaving. This is a slippery slope that can easily lead to you sliding right through your vacation and into your return.


Actual Work


Do not do any actual work while you’re on vacation. Obviously, this especially pertains to your job, but there are other forms of work in which you might be inclined to indulge. Do none of it. This only what absolutely must be done and what you find relaxing or pleasurable. Anything that meets neither of these criteria should be left for after your vacation. The vacation must be used for truly vacationing. It may require you learning how to tell someone cordially and professionally that you’re on vacation and that you can’t be bothered with the quotidian crap you usually deal with.


Gluing Yourself to Your Laptop


The devices on which you do work are the very devices you should leave at home while you travel the world on vacation. You need to be far away from those things. Do not just stare into your laptop where all those e-mails and other work-related materials are sitting. It’s hazardous to your vacation.

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