Top 5 methods to earn cash fast online

Online earning is getting increasingly popular nowadays. With technology in everyone’s hands, people like students, housewives or retired people can make extra cash while working from their computers.

However, many people do want to earn online but have no idea where to start from. So today we will be telling you top 5 methods to earn online and make some real quick cash.

  1. Complete simple tasks

There are dozens of websites online who pay their visitors on completing simple tasks. These may include clicking on few links, reading the advertisement emails, complete questionnaires, take surveys or listening to particular radio stations. Some of the sites ask you to get a subscription to their newsletter. Each task can pay you 30 cents to 5$.

It is worth mentioning here that some sites require you to accumulate a definite sum of money at first before you can ask for a withdrawal. The payment is made either through checks or bank transfer. It is easy and free, and almost anyone can do it. However, watch out for scams and fake sites.

  1. Recording the audiobooks

More and more people are now interested I listening to an audiobook rather than reading. Look out for e-books which do not have an audio version as yet. Make audio versions and then you can make people purchase them after offering a brief trial version. Recording an audio and uploading is far easier and quicker than writing one.

  1. Be an associate marketer

An associate marketer works in collaboration with e-commerce sites. These people share the product links on their own blogs or social media profiles. People visiting their blogs are intrigued to click the ad, hence are redirected to the original site. The site pays its associate marketer a reasonable commission on basis of sales or number of people redirected to the site. It is also an easier option to make online money. However, it requires you to have an active website or a very popular social media profile.

  1. Use your photography skills

If you are a very good photographer and have a collection of some really unique clicks, you can earn money by selling them online. Many printing and publishing companies require photos to make calendars, diaries etc. Sites like Shutterstock or other photo sites also purchase photos to provide them to people for their searches. Although it is competitive, but once you get a license or sell photos as stock photography, you can generate a good income.

  1. Serve in your profession

Are you a professional and have excellent command in your field? Then you can earn online by serving in your profession. This may include online teaching or answering people’s queries about the relevant field. Many sites hire online professionals as tutors. You can sign up for such a site and start making money. Again, be careful of spam or fake sites.


You can always go for other methods of online earning as well, such as freelance writing or sales related jobs. However, online earning demands you to stay disciplined and beware of scams. The income might be low in the beginning, but eventually, the income will rise up.

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