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There are plenty of languages in the world but the English language is the one that is the most vastly used around the world. English language is the common mode of communication around the globe so it is necessary that the students should know the common words to express themselves and communicate a bit in the English language.

The English dictionary is very vast. There is no way that you can know all the words of a language which is why one must know how to use the dictionary and understand the purpose of the dictionary. A person should know how to consult the dictionary in order to figure out the meanings of the words that you don’t understand and then use those words in the proper sense.
Benefits of using a Dictionary
There are couple of benefits that you can get out of the dictionary that would help you succeed in your conversation and convey your message properly .So let us look at some of the important benefits of using a dictionary.
1. Free yourself from translation
A bilingual dictionary is the best way to free yourself from a bad translation. The dictionary words will help you get the proper understanding of the conversations. The more you start using the dictionary the more you will get to know about the words and start using them in your daily conversations.
2. Help with spellings and pronunciations
Dictionaries help you get a better understanding on the conversation. You will learn the proper use of words, the grammatical meaning of the words and the proper use of those words. The more you start consulting the dictionary for the meaning you will learn the proper use of the words in the sentence with the examples that are given in the dictionary.
3. Use different dictionaries
There are multiple dictionaries available you can get a free dictionary from the library or use the internet to get yourself equipped with the use of dictionary. If you are new to the English language then you should get a bilingual dictionary and once you start getting the hang of it then you should shift to the better dictionary and so on.
4. Additional tips
You can get free and easy access to any internet dictionary without any hassle. So if you don’t have access to the hard copy you can easily get the access to the online dictionaries. Plus don’t use the dictionary too much.

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