Facebook Or Not!

Can you really trust Facebook?
Do you know what the social media platform do with all your personal info?
If you did not know already, they make a ton of money
at the moment you sign up to Facebook.
When you first login, they start to chart you, find out every little interest
and behavior you consist of! They hold big knowledge of what
you are and what you do wherever you are!
So you are definitely not safe when clicking the facebook app!
Look what happened in the Cambridge analytica, where Facebook sold information
about their users, may it be unintentionally or not!
A lot of info may seem non harmful to you, but suddenly it can be turned against you
for any reason now unknown.
so when you use Facebook com, you are trapped in the arms of big money!
You are also traped by social media attention sickness!

Anyway, think twice, before continuing with facebook social media!

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