Most people tend to think that both the dictionary and the thesaurus serve the same purpose but that is not true. There is a considerable difference between the two and both have their advantages that they provide to the users. Even though both the dictionary and the thesaurus tend to tell us the meaning of the word that we are looking for they are different when it comes to ways that they tell us what we are looking for.

That must be confusing to understand so let us break it down for you in simple words. Thesaurus are books that provide you with wordy meanings, the list of words that are similar in purpose and at times it also gives you with the words that are the opposite of the word, as you may call them the antonyms. Whereas on the other hand, a dictionary provides you with the definition of the word in detail along with its examples that explains how the word might be used in different forms.
Benefits of a thesaurus
Even though a dictionary provides you with a lot more information as compared to a lexicon but there are certain benefits that only a glossary affords you so let us look at some of the benefits that you can get from using a dictionary.
1. The array of similar words
The English language is so immense that a single word can be used for a variety of purposes. This is what I look about the language. It is confusing or people as well, but that is also what makes it creative. Thesaurus is the best way to understand what a word means because it gives you words having the same meaning as the base word that you are using. It helps you become more creative and learn to use a word in different senses.
2. Antonym search
If you are in search of the antonym of a word, then thesaurus is your best option because a dictionary would tell you the antonym of your word. You would have to look through the whole dictionary to find the opposite whereas in the thesaurus the antonym would be given in front of the word.
3. Paintbrush for writers
A thesaurus is like a paintbrush for writes. While writing you get an array of words having the same meaning and use them at different places to be more fancy and creative and adjust the sensitivity of the word according to your need.

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