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As you would be doing the search around on the internet globe, you will encounter with so many of the video platforms like YouTube Music as where you can share, upload, download and watch the videos at any hour of the day.

We are sure that you would be curious much to know about those platforms for sure. Scroll down and catch the complete list!
Famous and Top Video Platforms like YouTube:
1. Vimeo
It does carry out with the involvement of the prof-looking videos and has three options for its users mentioning with a primary account with limitations as well as two paid ones by means of the advanced options and more prominent space. Its major drawback is that it has the lower number of views compared to YouTube.
2. Dailymotion
On the second we will make you learn about Dailymotion Google music (Google Play music)! This platform is basically the French video-sharing website. It would be giving the users with the complete set of freedom as in order to view, upload, and browse videos by searching tags, categories, channels, or user-created groups. To upload the video, the length of the video files is limited to 2 GB and 60 minutes.
3. Twitch
By using this music websites platform, you would be able to broadcast or archive your gameplay, all along with the service of chat with other gamers and join various gaming communities. You can store your live videos on Twitch for 14 days only.
4. LiveLeak
On the last, we will bring the name of LiveLeak! This is basically a well-known UK-based video sharing website that lets users publish videos. By using this platform, the users are all free to post any content according to their desire!
Apart from all such platforms, we would suggest you get yourself connected with as many online communities as possible. These online communities are the best way as right through which you can introduce your videos. Choosing the population that is open in your product or service access is the most significant advantage. You should stay much careful about selecting the city. One single mistake can destroy the whole video panel. Explain the concept of the video, why you are posting it and main elements of the videos to make it prominent among the subscribers. It is vital that you should involve yourself in writing descriptive previews! As you upload any video on the channel, the people will always wade through your videos and stop for a minute to check out the vivid shows. You should add the description that is inserted in simple words as easy in understanding. You should also mention the video which they are going to watch.

So stop wasting time and start using these platforms right now! Google music maybe?
To make it easy, here is a link to Google Music Support:

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