SAT Test

Many of us have heard about the SAT, most commonly from our cousins or friends who are applying to college, so we know that it is some kind of a test that required for the college application. More than half of the colleges and universities will want to give an SAT or ACT as part of the admission process. So we can say that it is an essential part of our college applications. So let us look at it in detail.

What is the SAT?

The SAT is an entrance exam that is used by most of the colleges and universities to make final admission decisions. It is a simple multiple choice question paper that is organized by the college board. It is an additional way for the admission community to measure the strengths and the weaknesses of the students.
The purpose of the SAT test is to test all the college applicants on some common ground. It is a way for the board to check the readiness of the student for college and gives a common data point for measuring all the students.
Along with your High School scores, letters of recommendations and personal essay, SAT is quite an essential component of your admission process in colleges and universities so it is better to get the highest SAT to score possible because the higher you get, the more opportunities will come your way.
What does it cover?
There are two types of SAT test, one with the essay and the other without the theme. The one without the piece is the one consists of three different sections which are;
• Math
• Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
Whereas the Essay section is optional so if students want to go for the essay then he or she would get 50 extra minutes to complete the exam which is usually 3 hours long.
How does the score ranger work?
Your SAT score ranges from 0 to 1600. It is clear that the SAT max score that a student can get is 1600. Each section of the exam is tested on 200 to 800 point scale, so the overall SAT rating is the sum of the count of each chapter.
When should you take it?
You must take your SAT test during the summer of your junior year or the fall of your senior year. You need to leave some extra time for the re-take so that you can improve your score before applying for colleges. The exam is offered throughout the year so start your SAT prep soon.

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