Euro Dollar

How to exchange currency? Exchanging currency can be hassle-free if planned prior to a trip. Also if you want to save time and avail the cheapest exchange rates, bank and credit unions are the best places to go to. WHERE TO EXCHANGE CURRENCY – Euro Dollar?

1. Bank and Credit Union: Some the banks and credit unions provide a hassle free exchange process. Also, the exchange rates are cheap. Some of them also facilitate ordering of currencies via phone or online to be delivered at your nearest branch. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Chase are some of the banks you can look up to. 2. Currency Converter: There are websites which sell foreign currencies and deliver it to your home. But the exchange rates are not so favorable and can cost you a lot. 3. Airport kiosks or stores: When nothing works out, these are the considered to be the best option available.The rates are however too poor and fees too expensive. 4. During the trip, you can prefer banking with institutions that have international branches and ATMs. These institutions are most likely to allow you to withdraw cash with low (1%-3%) fees or no fees. HOW TO EXCHANGE CURRENCY? 1. It is advised to check the currency exchange rates before actually exchanging. The rates tend to fluctuate. It is important to understand the values of currencies. For example, one euro is equivalent to $1.30 USD. So it is wise to exchange currency when your currency is high and foreign currency is low. 2. Find out from your bank what are its policies for charging your card overseas. 3. It is always safe to have some cash in hand. Because, not in all the countries you can use your card to purchase commodities. Visit one major bank and find out their exchange policies. 4. Buy a prepaid card before leaving or arriving at a place. Though not the best way to carry money but prepaid cards can be a savior!

SOME QUICK FACTS:  As on 21st February, 2019, 1 Euro equals to $1.13 USD AND $1 USD equals to 0.88 Euro.  The Euro-Dollar is the most popular currency pair because both the currencies belong to two of the most powerful economies in the world. The nickname given to Euro-USD pair is “Fiber”.  The euro to dollar and dollar to euro conversion can be easily checked from the platforms available online. The easiest being the “Google Currency Converter”. Convert dollar to euro or euro to dollar now!
Euro to dollar is today at 1.08

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